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I offer a unique and powerful proposition to Financial Services businesses that leads to significant improvement in production and reduces advice risk. My practical experience, success, technical knowledge and understanding the challenges and opportunities in this field, ensure immediate practical application in the target market. My love and knowledge of technology inevitably led to me designing and building tools that will help you grow your business.

My ability to answer questions that relate to practical on-the-ground issues is what sets me apart from traditional trainers who may not have been in practice.

I design and write courses and workshops based on the needs of Financial Services Professionals, Corporates, and Franchises. I have created 18 courses and workshops to date, that I train regularly. In 2018, another 5 brand new workshops and talks are added to my offering.

I gained invaluable experience and success in the Financial Services Industry since 1998.

I hold a B. Com degree in Risk Management as well as the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. I am an avid miniature figure painter with a passion for helping others succeed and for professionalizing the Financial Services Industry. I further hold the certification of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® or CFP® in good standing with the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa as well as being a Registered Tax Practitioner through the FPI.