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"My favourite movie is Life Aquatic!

My name is Shane Thom and I am an unstoppable action taker entrepreneurial antiquarian who is responsible for my behaviour. I am a loving, caring husband and father. I am into the integrated pursuit of wisdom (Faith, Nature, Purposeful Positive Thinking) in respect of the art of living! My passion in life is to help people manage their money in a way that makes their lives more meaningful. My value goals: I will be a healthy, wealthy, philanthropist, spoiling grandfather, yellow submarine owner at age 70 sailing the seven seas and Haily's comet adventurer with my family in 2062!

As a child, I created numerous entrepreneurial jobs to keep myself busy. Such as diving for treasure at the deep end of the Sea Point Pavilion, collecting newspapers, buying and selling tropical fish and computer hand games, washing cars, packing and pushing trolleys. Thinking back tho’ my most impressive business enterprise was setting up a “kid’s lunch pool!”

I started helping clients with Personal Wealthcare at SFS in 1998. Was appointed Managing Partner in 2007. I am a Certified Financial Planner®, General Tax Practitioner (SA)™ and Financial Coach (COMENSA). I use my integrated skills, qualifications, entrepreneurial and personal life experiences to help people consider the true meaning of wealth by developing a Wealthcare Plan that aligns "your"​ goals (values) with the actual conditions of "your"​ wellbeing.

Academic Achievements:
PG Dip (Financial Planning)(Stel)(2008/9),
BA Financial Mng(1996),
NHD Management Practice (1995),
Dip Public Mng and Admin(1994),

Research your own experiences for truth..."